• Waco: David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and A Legacy of Rage - The Unveiled Truths Behind the Tragic Siege

Waco: David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and A Legacy of Rage - The Unveiled Truths Behind the Tragic Siege

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Unraveling the Waco Mystery

In this groundbreaking book, Jeff Guinn delves into the shocking and tragic events that unfolded in Waco, Texas, in 1993. With never-before-seen documents, photographs, and interviews, "Waco: David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and A Legacy of Rage" sheds new light on the disastrous siege at the Branch Davidian compound, exposing the truth behind the government's actions and the motivations of David Koresh and his followers.

The Connection to a Forgotten Prophet

Discover the surprising link between David Koresh's infamous End Time prophecies and the teachings of a previous prophet named Cyrus Teed, who claimed the name Koresh in the late 1890s. This revelation challenges our understanding of the Branch Davidians' beliefs and their leader's motivations.

Testimonies from the Frontlines

Hear firsthand from over a dozen former ATF agents who took part in the initial February 28, 1993 raid on Mount Carmel. They reveal the poor decisions of their commanders that led to the deadly confrontation and share never-before-published documents and photographs. Gain new insight into the FBI's actions during the 51-day siege, including the controversial decision to use CS gas and the subsequent cover-up attempt.

The Link to Modern Militia Movements

Explore the connection between the Branch Davidian tragedy and the rise of the modern militia movement in America. This book exposes the role of notorious conspiracist Alex Jones in the Waco story and the far-reaching impact of the events at Mount Carmel.

A Riveting and Revealing Read

Jeff Guinn's meticulous research and captivating storytelling will immerse you in the events of Waco as never before. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what truly transpired and join the community of truth-seekers who challenge the status quo. Be part of the cultural revolution inspired by the pursuit of truth and justice.

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with it's social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. - Ernst Fischer
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