• Chasing the Scream: The inspiration for the feature film The United States vs Billie Holiday

Chasing the Scream: The inspiration for the feature film The United States vs Billie Holiday

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Dive into the New York Times Bestseller that inspired the captivating feature film, The United States vs. Billie Holiday. Johann Hari's "Chasing the Scream" takes you on a riveting journey to uncover the real causes of addiction and how to effectively address it. Praised as "screamingly addictive" by Stephen Fry and "superb, thrilling storytelling" by Naomi Klein, this groundbreaking book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding addiction's roots and transforming the global conversation.

Embark on a three-year, thirty-thousand-mile odyssey with Hari as he seeks to make sense of addiction within his own family and beyond. Through a series of powerful human stories, "Chasing the Scream" unveils the truth about addiction, challenging conventional wisdom and offering fresh perspectives on how to tackle this complex issue.

This eye-opening work served as the foundation for Hari's viral TED talk and animation, which have garnered over twenty million views worldwide. As a "powerful contribution to an urgent debate" (The Guardian), "Chasing the Scream" is an essential read for those seeking to better understand addiction and contribute to a more compassionate, evidence-based approach to addressing it.

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with it's social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. - Ernst Fischer
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