• The Drug Users Bible [Extended Edition]: A Guide to Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, and Personal Safety

The Drug Users Bible [Extended Edition]: A Guide to Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, and Personal Safety

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Author: Dominic Milton Trott

An Unapologetic Exploration of Psychoactive Substances for the Sake of Harm Reduction and Personal Safety

In the face of relentless propaganda and the stifling of crucial safety information, Dominic Milton Trott's "The Drug Users Bible: Extended Edition" is a fearless and comprehensive guide to over 180 psychoactive substances. This essential resource aims to arm users with the knowledge they need to navigate the world of drugs safely and responsibly.

Personal Experiences and Invaluable Insights

"People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information."

Throughout a 12-year period, the author has meticulously documented his experiences with various chemicals and plants, providing invaluable safety data, dosage recommendations, and qualitative trip reports. This extensive research and first-hand experience has culminated in a monumental and objective body of work that challenges mainstream narratives.

A Wealth of Support Material

The Drug Users Bible includes a wide range of supplemental information, such as addiction and overdose advice, relative harm tables, legal briefings, and more. This volume delves into drug tourism, psychedelic exploration, and drug-related culture, ensuring that users and their families have the necessary resources to stay informed and safe.

Lavishly Illustrated and Comprehensive

"This is a book which will help avert tragedy. It is a book which will save lives."

Featuring hundreds of photographs taken by the author himself, The Drug Users Bible is not only informative but visually engaging. This guide is an indispensable resource for the 250 million people worldwide who use drugs, empowering them with the information they need to prioritize their health, welfare, and well-being.

The Ten Commandments and Beyond

The book begins with a thorough introduction to critical drug concepts and practices, including a risk mitigation procedure called "The 10 Commandments of Safer Drug Use." This generic, easy-to-understand guide emphasizes personal safety and even includes an illustrated explanation of substance identification testing.

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Psychoactive Substances

From well-known substances like heroin, cannabis, and LSD, to lesser-known compounds such as 4-ho-met and yohimbe, The Drug Users Bible covers the full range of psychoactive chemicals and botanicals. It transcends conventional categories, incorporating dream herbs and nootropics into its exploration of psychoactivity.

An Honest Look at the Worldscape

In recognition of the fact that drug use does not occur in a vacuum, the book concludes with an in-depth examination of the broader context, including travel and the harrowing consequences of the war on drugs. Backed by facts, science, and genuine statistics, this section replaces the myths and fabrications that dominate mainstream narratives with a focus on welfare and safety.

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with it's social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. - Ernst Fischer
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